Thursday, September 3, 2015

Work night.

Crammed dinner down and it's on to more work. And that's good, because I've been wanting to feel productive.

Today I worked on some writing assignments that felt like I was writing a term paper instead of copywriting. There was a lot of research involved, and I felt like I was taken back to my college library, sitting in some cubicle highlighting photocopy after photocopy of some scientific something. (Yes, we photocopied in my day!)

Even though the work is less than energizing, I am happy to do it. I recall vividly what it was like to be miserable at work. The chance I got to start my business and the success I've had are not lost on me. Neither is the bliss of being able to work on my own, from home.

So after a brief Starbucks break, I'm back to work.


KB said...

Working from home is a dream of mine too. I tried your suggestion of keeping track of my heart rate while I was at the gym today. I felt anxious but it eases a little more each time I go.

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