Thursday, September 24, 2015

Health anxiety.

One of the scariest aspects of anxiety, for me, has been when a new symptom manifests. A new symptom can mimic just about a million other health ailments, so it's hard to discern if the symptom is from anxiety or an underlying problem.

I've been working--a lot--and noticing that I have some numbness in my forearm, wrist and hand. It's on my left side, which makes the anxious nutcase in me internally cream, "Heart attack! At 37!"

The numbness comes and goes. And today it struck in the grocery store. I tried to calm myself down, thinking maybe it is just an overuse injury and I was probably leaning on the cart waiting at the deli, cutting off some circulation to my wrist. (I've had so many problems with my hands as a writer/all-day dear little money-makers!)

It was just kind of a reminder how upsetting it can be when the slightest thing happens. In my case, I'm pretty sure it's from all the typing I do--I have carpal tunnel syndrome--but it was still weird to slip into panic mode when it popped again.

What's your latest symptom? How do you not let it yank you into health anxiety oblivion?


Richard C. Lambert said...

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