Monday, June 15, 2015

The landscape.

I was landscaping this weekend...putting in a new fence and bed in our front yard. Yesterday, when all was done and I could hardly move, I snuck off to the beach for an hour. I was thinking about the landscape of the beach. And how the landscape of something may not change, but our perception of it can change.

For the last few weeks, though, since we returned from Hilton Head, I just couldn't get that beach out of my head. The compact sand you could bike on...the calm water...the warm water...the dolphins always visible off the coast. Somehow, when I returned to New Jersey, I wanted nothing more than that beach...I wanted to be back in Hilton Head, and thought the rugged Jersey coast wasn't as pretty, or couldn't compare. I hated that, because I have always adored the Jersey Shore. I didn't want to love another beach more than it.

The Jersey Shore is my every day landscape...I want to be able to appreciate it instead of traveling 12 hours once a year to enjoy another beach. I want to be the beach I have. For the first time, I kind of couldn't. I loved it, but I loved Hilton Head more. That's nice, but I want my beach to be my favorite...I never want to be that person that's always looking elsewhere for happiness. I want to be happy with what I  have, right in front of me. The same way I don't want to be one of those "I'll be happy when..." people--I want to be happy with what I have...right here, right now.

Yesterday, looking at the landscape of the beach, I realized that my love affair with the Jersey Shore beaches finally returned. Even though I walked the boardwalk throughout the year, the beach wasn't the same until I could plant my chair in the sand on a hot day and enjoy the water. Now that I can, the beach has a totally different landscape to me. It's changed. It returned to me.

I guess what I a trying to say is that it's important to appreciate what you have, what's right in front of you. Usually, I don't have a problem with that...until I saw a beautiful beach and went to a lovely place. Now, though, when I was able to really be on my beach, I was able to embrace the beauty around me. I'm glad, because the beach means the world to me. It's nice to know that paradise is a mere 10-minute drive. We make our own matter where it is.


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