Tuesday, December 30, 2014


What a wonderful year. Not because if all the good things that happened. There were bad too... my year certainly had its low points. Happens to all of us.

This year I learned how to create goodness. Take things in. Find beauty in anything. Revel in clarity. These are super important lessons that I will treasure going forward.

So I can't really do one of those "see ya 2014" or "2015 is going to be my year" posts. Every day has greatness, positivity and beauty. If that doesn't come to us, we have to go out and create it. We have to make moments. We have to work hard to grow. We have to add good things into our lives.  If we can, that supercedes any negatives. And it makes life pretty dang spectacular.

No bad days. Still my mantra of choice. That's the key to writing an "I had a great year and next year's going to be even better" post.

My wish is for you to find happiness and peace. Happy new year, friends.


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