Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Turn it down, turn it off or tune it out.

Words are like seeds. If you dwell on them long enough, they will take root and flourish. -Joel Osteen

Lately, my inner critic thinks it's time to speak up--and I must admit, it seems I have been listening. I've been going hard on myself lately, and the critic isn't anyone else's voice--it's my perception blended with the critic that we all have. I've been interpreting some actions as critical, and then the inner beatdown starts.

I think all of us have an inner critic, and many anxious people probably battle this even more. This is why I'm glad I've recognized that I'm going too hard on myself; I guess that's me reaping all the therapy I have put myself through. I love when you can start to see positive changes.

The truth is, there's enough things out in this world against us. Maybe people are being mean and critical to you, or maybe you're the one that's just too tough on yourself. Why? This critic doesn't really get us anywhere. And when we know how to spot the voice, which loves to mimic our unconscious thoughts, we can turn it down or tune it out.

So today, I'm turning the volume down on my inner critic. Will you do the same?


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