Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sand bar.

Fed up with my ever-so-slowly-ending cold, I decided to get back to physical activity today. There could be no other perfect place to go than Sea Girt, N.J. It is my bliss, my heaven. Thank God it is a short drive away.

I walked on the boards and blasted Il Volo. They provided the perfect soundtrack to my day of exercise, which on the boardwalk, is always about inner discovery as well. How can you not look inward and feel small and powerful and motivated when you're on the beach? It's so big, so vast. It has so many lessons to teach us--in the water and out.

After my walk, I went down to the water. I was in about a week ago and it was cold, but it was not as bad today. I went in up to my calves and enjoyed the most majestic sand bar ever. Yes, when inspired, even a sand bar can move you!

I wished I had my phone on me, but I have a Galaxy Note 2, which is similar to bringing a small laptop on the's too big to carry. I thought about how God wanted only me to capture the moment. No Instagram, no blog. Just my memory, and a gift to me on this otherwise ordinary day.

Little things, I tell you.

Let the joy in and you'll be overwhelmed by all of the goodness. You just have to look for it and let the flood gates open.


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