Monday, October 13, 2014

Rave: Joel Osteen

I'm kind of obsessed with Joel Osteen. When I first heard him years ago, I thought he had such a funky Southern accent and smiled perhaps too much. I almost let those things overlook his inspiring messages. Nowadays, I can't get enough. Why?

It's his message. (Now I love his accent, smile and funny jokes!) He doesn't focus on religion--he's all about bringing people to God. I love that. I love that instead of trying to sell people on a relationship with God, he just brings people to God's goodness and lets God handle the rest.

The pressure is off, there's no judgment. You just listen to his inspiring messages without any condemnation. He brings all the great things about God to the masses. He doesn't preach fear-based messages. Because of him, I've learned all the good things God wants for us. That God wants us to be happy. And as a person with an anxiety disorder, that it's perfectly okay to take care of ourselves. That's huge--usually we're taught that we're not good enough for God,. We are--God loves us! Life can be wonderful and there are so many good things out there for us!!

I encourage you to listen. He's not preachy at fact, half his messages aren't really about the Bible as much as its principles. He also uses real-life experiences to inspire you. (Not that hearing about the Bible is a bad thing.)

My point is that Joel brings a whole new perspective to what people otherwise write off as religion. Anxious people need spirituality; in fact, all people do. If you want to hear something inspiring and not feel like someone is pushing religion down your throat, check out one of his sermons. I think he has a great way of speaking to anxious people especially. Through his sermons, I've learned so much about taking care of myself and giving myself permission to be happy, and how to be at peace during the hard times. He's taught me so much about thinking positively--something I have needed so much because of all the negative messages that are somehow ingrained in my mind.

Even better, he's on SiriusXM Channel 128. I can't stop listening:)


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