Thursday, October 23, 2014

Articulate it.

How do I put it into words? Writing is never really difficult for me. That is, until I started writing my own memoir.

I feel that "it" is all ready to come out. But I'm so far removed from the acute moments and memories. I feel as if I can relive them and write about it, but only to a certain degree. Is that enough?

I fear I will never be able to write this book, this book that I feel is so much my purpose in life. I want to show readers the depths of where I was, and I seem mostly to only be able to vaguely look back on the moments that changed, defined and healed me.

I'm just going to keep on believing in myself. I'm going to keep on working in small doses. And most importantly, I am going to keep the faith that I am right where God wants me....that gives me the most peace.


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