Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This is why.

Is this a blog about anxiety...or the beach? I bet you think it's a beach blog because that's all I seem to write or talk about.

No, it's not a beach blog, though.

It's a blog about anxiety. Life. And during the summer, expect to see photos of the beach. I live at the Jersey Shore, people!

And summer's not over, at least for me. Today I went down for about two hours, sunned out and swam. Watched others like me who refuse to accept that beach days have to be over because of the calendar. I met an adorable dog, Vinny, who was so very happy that he can frolick on the beach during the day once again (he can't during summer season). 

I've been blogging a lot about the beach lately because it's healed me this summer. It's brought me so much tranqulity and insight. It gave me a summer vacation. It's right here, it never changes. And even a few years back when it underwent its own storm during Hurricane Sandy, it survived. Just like me.

So it's all about the healing. And a few good tan lines that I'm still working on!


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