Monday, August 25, 2014

End of summer.

It's a crazy time of year, kind of like the week before Christmas. It's go-go-go. Squeeze in the last-minute visits. Squeeze in trips to the beach. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. It seems like so many people I want to spend time with are all available this week. So I've cancelled some other things and am trying to accommodate it.

Trying to go with the flow. That's something that us anxious folks aren't too good with. We love to control it all, and we detest that inner angst that comes with the shift in plans or change in the way things work. It's a constant battle to try to let go. First you have to see the value in loosening your grip, then you have to tell yourself "It's okay, things will work out." Over and over. Rinse and repeat.

Trying not to get overwhelmed when life gets busy is tough. It's also important to know what things you can delay or reschedule. Make room. Breathe. Expand. Rinse and repeat.

Hope the rest of your summer is enjoyable and relaxing, not all busy and overwhelming. I keep trying to tell myself that summer doesn't end labor day weekend. I usually loooove fall but this summer was so great and enjoyable (largely because of the mild weather here at the Jersey Shore) that I'm hanging on tightly. Nice day? Get outside. Beach visit? Must go in water. I have to ease up on the pressure, even the kind I induce on myself.

Summer doesn't end when Labor Day comes. There are still friends to see and gorgeous days ahead. I think for me, I just have to remember that. Over and over again.


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