Monday, June 16, 2014

Stay in faith.

Day 2 of taking a crazy-long walk on the beach in Sea Girt. I'm finding it's like a meditation. It's a way to just think. Get lost in my head and try to sort things out. On this walk, I felt everything. Upsetment over feeling my latest bout of depression (I know, it only really started yesterday but it's been gripping) and excitement.

One thing I learned, the big takeaway, was that I am trying too hard to figure out what I want. I am feeling bummed about my career for different reasons. I am feeling purposeless, or at least low on purpose fuel. 

Why am I trying to figure it all out though? What's the point of believing in God if I don't practice what He teaches me? 

He teaches me to stay in faith.
To take one day at a time.
Not to figure it all out.
To lean on Him.

Why am I not doing that???

Why am I not proving my faith? All I have to do is trust that He holds what's best. That He will help me heal, find solutions, find my way. 

I don't have to figure it all out.

I just need to walk my own walk. Staying in faith as I march on.

One step in front of another.


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