Monday, June 9, 2014

Conscious booksmith.

Did I tell you I'm a writer? I am. It's what I do for a living . I work full-time from home as a copywriter and journalist.

This blog isn't directly tied into my work stuff, because I want to keep my copywriting and journalism sort of separate. This blog is personal to me, but I'm not afraid to share it with the world. (Hopefully a client doesn't hear I am "crazy" and rethink hiring me, right?)

Maybe this blog will be more professional. That is, if I can publish a book on anxiety and tie the blog into it. Maybe then, will be splashed across Who knows. I'm not there yet.

That's my next project. Not the only one, but one of them. It's my main focus, as I wait to try to get another project published.

I have been pecking away at this book, a hodgepodge right now. I am in the "just freaking write" stage. Elaborating on personal memories that I thought were long gone. Really getting down to detail. And when I do this, my writing comes alive. Seriously freaking alive.

I'm hoping to maybe take snippets from the blog and put them in the book or vice versa. Or to use the blog as a supplement when the book is in print. (Note, I said "when" because I'm all about that law-of-attraction-positive-faith thing.) I'd love to publish the book with a pretty url to this page on it, so people can keep up with my journey and continue to connect.

Today, I got all my materials for the Conscious Booksmith course by Christine Mason Miller. Okay, I admit that I contributed to it, but the course has 30 chapters packed with information about writing mindfully. So I'm going to use it as I continue with my book. My dream. My vision. My baby.

Christine was awesome enough to put a quote of mine in her gorgeous handwriting. I totally treasure this:


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