Thursday, May 29, 2014

The writing game.

I don't recommend being a writer if you're the anxious type. One day your career is glamorous and you're interviewing celebrities, and the next you're feeling defeated. You feel like a sham. Like there are no good opportunities. Like it's all crumbling.

I'm smart enough to know that's not true, but it feels like it. And I don't want to get swept away by my feelings.

I feel defeated. I wish more magazines would publish my articles--or at least respond to my queries. I wish opportunities wouldn't dry up just because an editor moves to another position. I wish longstanding clients wouldn't disappear. I wish a publisher would just publish my kids book. I wish I had the energy to write my other book idea. I wish I could take a break from it all, refocus, and then re-attack. I can't imagine having the energy to feel good enough to be go-getter Kristen.

I'm tired. Lots going on and it's left me burned out. At the same time, I'm eager to get back in the game and start pitching.

I just get deflated my rejection and silence so easily.

In the past, it made me doubt my abilities. Today, it just makes me exhausted from playing the game.


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