Thursday, April 17, 2014


Anxiety is all about triggers. Over time, if you can, you're able to recognize those triggers and see that the way you feel as a result of a trigger isn't dangerous--it's just a feeling. Sometimes, though, those feelings are the worst. The pits. They can engulf you.

When you're triggered, and in a state of acute anxiety, you can't really recognize the triggers. All you feel as the negative feelings wash over you and erode your sense of self. If you don't stop that process, you can be completely eroded. Still, there's always hope. For many of us, stopping the process means turning to meds. Or starting therapy. Or having a breakthrough of some sort. Getting fed up with the garbage our brains--and our triggers--are feeding ourselves.

I think it's only then that we really start to start turning the tables and eroding the power of those triggers and the negative feelings they produce.

How do you get to the point where you're in control? When do you know you can get a grip on triggers and negative mindsets that keep you engulfed?


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