Monday, April 14, 2014


So busy lately. I had a nice weekend with friends and family. Sad it's Monday but I want to find greatness and beauty in every day.

I'm just under a lot of stress from work. I have a lot of projects this month. Then I'm still kind of getting over all the time taking care of mom. She stayed with us a few weeks after her knee replacement. She still can't drive so I take her to PT, but I'm not doing her daily workouts with her. So I'm just focusing on her but she's more independent.

Takes me a while to come down from all of that. I've had a sore throat and exhaustion my body is screaming for self-care.  I kind of know when I'm pushing too hard. Still, I feel like I should just push through. That's my old unhealthy mind at work.

So now it's all about balancing self-care and work.


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