Saturday, March 22, 2014


I have so many profound thoughts related to anxiety and healing. I just can't always blog about them. So most of my good content runs through my head....and then, poof, it's gone. Your getting ripped off then, eh?

I have been thinking a lot lately about change. I feel so much calmer in the past few years. Things that used to destroy me bounce off more easily. I have less patience though, for people who still flip out. Who haven't done their healing...I mean the ones who haven't even tried.

So much of healing comes with making conscious decisions. That's easy for most people but when you're in the hold of anxiety, you can't think straight you are perpetually frazzled. Breaking that cycle is key.  For me, it required medication....then when calm and thinking more calmly, therapy really started to work well.

I was dealing with someone today that is in it. And can't really make conscious decidions. It's sad and I feel for this person. At ty he same time, when life isn't uprooted, this person doesn't make much of an effort to heal. Or to consciously, perhaps it the by little,  attempt healthy thought patterns and actions. That's hard to deal with...and hard to see that I was there in many ways. Nor so long ago really.

Look, I don't want to knock matter where they are in their healing. These are just things I've been thinking and noiticing. I am better, but boy I don't forget what it was like to be in that cycle. But I can say it's possible to at least see out...and to get out.

If you're there "in it," please know I am wishing you a bold, brave and positive journey to a happier, more peaceful life.


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