Monday, March 3, 2014

The joy of missing out.

Love a good buzzword.

And today, kids, this one is rocking my socks: Joy of Missing Out. JOMO.

Like FOMO, which is Fear of Missing Out. But with JOMO, you just want to stay in, grab a cup of chai and curl up with a book. Or sit in the tub and doze off. Or cancel all those "gotta do" plans and just, well, as Sarah says, unfurl.

We must miss out to experience joy.
You might have noted my call to arms of late. I’m really getting heavy on the importance of taking responsibility for our own peace and happiness. It’s imperative that we reclaim ourselves and not seek answers from others and other things. Missing out – deliberately so – is part of this. --Sarah Wilson

I like plans. I'm a pretty social person. But sometimes, I'm kind of like a turtle and I just want to stay in my shell. Usually, that's my house. Sometimes, a shell is a mood, or a specific room. There's a joy in letting ourselves just be. And in missing out on the things that our minds (and society) tells us we should be doing.

A few years ago, I was an avid FOMO sufferer. And then, well, I don't know, things changed. I started giving myself permission to enjoy things. And I looked at all the people around me, going going going. Searchcing for the next thrill and missing the simple beauty of being still. Or just not rushing to be everywhere. Enjoying one event a week instead of eight. That's simplicity. That's what I've manifested.

To me, JOMO is sort of an acceptance. That life doesn't have to be what everyone else says is cool. That you can just do your own thing. No freaking pressure, man. I'm all over that kind of simplicity. Doesn't mean I sit on my butt and do nothing...just means it's okay if I do. And not cuz I'm lazy, but because I'm over the whole, "It's Saturday, I should be out!" thing. I just got tired of putting that pressure on myself. In fact, I go out more now than I used to, so I'm definitely still social. I'm just not out to be everywhere and everything to everyone else. I'm sticking to number one...meaning, me. And that doesn't mean I'm not considerate of others or don't want to be with others. I just take care of myself more.

I'm not quite sure how I arrived here, but it's a lovely freaking view. When you feel joy in taking care of yourself and not comparing yourself to others, there is so much freedom and growth in that. There is so much growth in being able to turn inwards. In being able to be comfortable in your own skin. I love that.

Are you in FOMO of JOMO mode?


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