Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Healing music: Britt Nicole

Without a doubt, I was in love the first time I heard her on the radio. I was just coming out of a slump and listening to the radio a lot to help me feel more comfortable home alone. (Sometimes I just need that background noise, since I work from home solo!)

Anyways, I was listening to SiriusXM The Message, and then came this song.

"All This Time" by Britt Nicole

(This is a great acoustic version!)

Britt says she wrote the song about dealing with her parents' divorce as a child. When I listened to the words, it reminded me of something so true in my life--God has always been a part of it, even during the worst times. It specifically reminded me of being around when my parents would fight a lot--that was during a very traumatic part of my life that triggered a lot of my anxiety as an adult. Yet even then, I knew I was protected. I knew I was watched over.

"Gold" by Britt Nicole is another great track because she sings about self-worth. And how we're all better than gold. Couldn't be further than the truth, even when we feel ridden with anxiety.

It's hard to pick my favorite Britt song, but "The Lost Get Found" by Britt Nicole is quite the inspiration. I hope to do with this blog--and someday, a book on anxiety--what Britt has done with her music. Reach people, inspire them, and give them hope. If I can't do that with my blog, hopefully these songs help you as you continue on your journey. And you don't have to be a "religious type" to experience the benefits from these positive songs--whatever you believe is cool, just give them a listen and let the soothing begin.

Britt, thank you for your awe-inspiring music--I know people with anxiety disorders will really be able to relate to your genuine nature and positive messages.

What songs help you heal?


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