Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Writing writing writing away.

Life has been hectic. Busy. Overwhelming.

Work, namely, has been the culprit. But I'm making some changes as my business goes along.

First, for those of you who don't know, I'm a self-employed writer. I am a copywriter, which is someone who writes business collateral such as brochures, website content and newsletters. Lately, though, it's been all about the journalism. For years, I've been pitching magazines with stories. And it seems like finally, they're noticing. Doors are flying open, which is so-beyond exciting.

So I've had a hard time balancing my copy and magazine work. Plus, I had a gig that I liked but it didn't pay as great. I took a leap of faith and tapered down on my hours there. Years ago, that kind of thing would have sent me into a tailspin.

Now, I no longer wake up to an alarm clock--something I am loving more than most things. I still get up early, but my days are more free. I work around my deadlines, and I work at my own pace. Which is usually all day and into the night. Sometimes it's hard to take a break.

My other news is that I'm working with my agent on a children's book. She didn't hate it, which was amazing. I have three other books but this is my first kids book. Then, you know, in my spare time, I'm working on two other nonfiction titles.

So I'm a busy girl.

Just need to make more time for going to the gym. That not only helps ma bod, but I feel so much better when I workout. Kind of hard with all the cold snowy weather here lately. (Can you hear the excuses building up like inches of snow?)

In other news, there's a new anxiety study--and you know I like to stay up on those. They found a new area of the brain that promotes anxiety. Actually promotes it. Chances are if you're reading this, your lateral septum is working just fine. Is that good news?


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