Friday, February 28, 2014


Swiped this from this blog. I love me a good meme.

Outside my window it's sunny but cold. More snow is headed our way. But I just know winter will wear off.
I am thinking about how much I love pretty blogs like this one, this one and this one.
I am thankful for my mother coming out of surgery. Just knowing she was alive was so special.
In the kitchen it's cold because my kitties want the back door open. Even the door that closes to the mudroom can't keep that kitchen warm.
I am wearing jeans, a tank and a long-sleeved shirt. Out of the yoga pants!
I am creating a magazine article for a client.
I am going to get my mother settled at the rehabilitation center this afternoon.
I am wondering how to engage more people on this blog.
I am reading "My Age of Anxiety" by Scott Stossel.
I am hoping to try the vanilla macchiato at Starbucks soon
I am looking forward to hearing that a publisher wants my latest book.
I am learning to take better care of myself and make more time for yoga. I was soooo out of practice today. Even though I still work out, I have to get back to flow classes.
Around the house is quiet, as it should be.
I am pondering about taking a week off to write my fifth book. A whole week OFF.
A favorite quote for today: The one I posted in my last post--like my new writing app on my phone? I'd like to post more handwritten stuff!
One of my favorite things is Mary Lambert's music.
A few plans for the rest of the week: None--it's Friday!!
A peek into my day:


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